INVITA invites nature into your home with their new massive oak kitchen.
To visualise this, we see a journey from the standard white starting point when choosing a kitchen. An acorn that sparks the imagination and takes you into the forest and back, ending up with a beautiful oak kitchen.

Director: Toke Blicher Møller
DoP: Peter Riis
Line Producer: Daniel Finn
Executive Producer: Christian Juliussen
1 AC: Peter Topsøe-Jensen
1 AD: Tue Czajkowski
Gaffer: Thomas Bekker
Lighting technician: T2
Lighting technician: Gabriel Stefan
Lighting technician: Berit Bekker
Grip: Tøt Kromand
Grip Assistent: Christian Brøndum
Actor/Model: Monica Skovgaard
Set design: Jeppe Eb
Special effects / Smoke: Dsfx
Location Manager: Jens Lundvang
Makeup, Hair and styling : Trine Cordes Berg
Colorist: Nurali Kushkov (Cameo)
Editor: Toke Blicher Møller
Sounddesign and Music: Philip Flindt (Ballad)
VFX and Compositing: Jacob Linnemann
Runner: Jeppe Hansen
Runner: Selma Riis
Production Company: Shoot Happens 
Agency: Envision
Creative Director: Lars Simonsen
Copy: Victoria Klougart Wildt 
Project Manager: Charlotte Scheel
Account Manager: Jesper Heinsvig
Brand Manager Invita: Lars Vesbo Christiansen
Client: Invita

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