CPH DOX / Launch film 2023
Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival
The set off for the film are the festivals three main themes: Society, Science and Art. We wanted to create an abstract version of the themes which came out as three separate environments. On top of that we would have a person (representing the audience) exploring and interacting with the environments.
The task was not to give any answers to what the festival is about, but actual the opposite. We wanted the spectaters to feel intrigued and curious to what the festival might bring.
Director / Manus: Toke Blicher Møller
Ex. Producer: Tim Resdal
Producer: Tina Blendstrup
DoP: Jonas Berlin
1. AD: Frederik Haslund
Gaffer: Martin Riello
Best Boy: Yannick Bruckert
Regi: Sune Saabye
Styling: Trine Cordes Berg
Edit and vfx: Mikkel Hoff Andersen
Sound design: Kevin Bavnhøj
Grade: Daniel Amdi
Production Company: Plotworks

Talent: Boy Ewald

Client: CPH DOX
Head of Communications: Sune Blicher
Head of Marketing: Mathias Büchner Jensen
Artistic Director: Niklas Engstrøm

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