CMC Markets

A soldier marooned in a forest with a wounded companion and no communications must find his way back to his mission. As he gathers intel and gets his communications back, he’s able to see the bigger picture and complete the mission.

Director: Toke Blicher Møller
Executive Producer: Kristian Ussing 
Production Company: Holy Ravioli 
Producer: NC Sixhøj
1. AD: Philip Th. Pedersen 
DOP: Jonas Møller 
1. AC: Bertil Rosenkrands 
Key Grip: Michael Tøt 
Drone: Alex Suhr 
2. AC+ DIT: Nicklas Wiborg 
Gaffer: Claus Høyner 
Best boy: Stine Hein 
Art department: Michael Leth 
Styling: Trine Cordes 
Production cordinator: Laura Kornerup 
Runner: Kathrine Thude 
SFX coordinator: Katja 
Manus: Jannik Tai Mosholt
Edit: Kristian Håskjold and Toke Blicher Møller
VFX: Jacob Linneman
Sound design: Nis Nørgaard
Hero 1: Hans E. Fogh

Hero 2: Adam Assil

Enemy team: Joon Poore and friends
Client: CMC
Head of Growth: Edward Gotham

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