I directed this short commercial for adverticing agency Hjaltelin Stahl as part of their campaign “the homeless homepage”.
The Homeless Homepage is a non-permanent URL. Like thousands of homeless people in Denmark, it needs to find a new place to stay every day. It is dependent on other websites to provide shelter. Companies and organisations can donate the top of their website for the campaign, and visitors can donate an amount equal to one night for a homeless person. The campaign starts d. (0) 4.04, which is a reference to Internet fault message '404 Page Not Found' that appears when a site is “off the grid“.
See where the website is today at thehomelesshomepage.com or whether it even has a place to be. Contact “Hus Forbi” to know more about how you can give the website shelter.
Director: Toke Blicher Møller
DoP: Snorre Ruhe
Producer: Camilla Agerskov 
1 AC: Kathrine Tegl
Gaffer: Frank Omø
Grip: Michael Tøt
Best Boys: Sebastian Lyding & Benjamin Ingvorsen
Production Assistants: Jakob Fyledal & Sanne Tøt
Colorist: Theis Clausen
Sounddesign: Philip Flindt
Voice Over Artist: Natalie Ryan Herbert
Props: DinMor
Executive Producer: Thomas Gram
Production Company: The Woerks
Agency: Hjaltelin Stahl
Creatives: Claus Collstrup, Daniel Simon
Thank You Red Rental and Filmgear

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