Neutral - The Glass

To visualise potential exposure to additives we used a glass as a metaphor for the body. Some will have a large glass some a small, you dont know how much you can fill in your “glass” before it overflows and you can develop allergies. 

Dir: Toke Blicher Møller 
DoP. Sine Brooker 
1. AD: Selma 
1. AC: Gustav Meiling 
DIT: Christian Parker 
Gaffer: Aslak Lytthans 
Best Boy: 
Set design: Bomann

Styling: Marina Rugaard

Styling assistant: 
Under water crew : Tøt and crew 
Runner 1: Mark Hansen

Runner 2: Castor

Production manager: Mille Bøgelund 
Producer: Julie Lashley 

Agency: Kunde & Co 
Creative: Rine Boland 

Client: Neutral

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